Thursday, November 10, 2011

7 Billion and Counting

If you're getting ready to teach your data management unit, here's a site that contains some pretty amazing data that can spark a lot of discussion in your classroom:

BBC Newsworld

There are several pieces of authentic data students can get from the site:

1. Students fill in their birth date and find out what their number is.  This is represented in graphical form.  Here's mine:

2. Students indicate the country they're living in to find out the birth/death/immigration rate. 

3. Students indicate their gender and find out some related facts about the life expectancy of males and females.

Finally, there's a really great video that illustrates the growth of the world's population:

Other than connections to large numbers, ratios, rates etc., how else can you use this site in your math program?

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  1. NCTM has just posted a lesson entitled 'The Next Billion" on the Illuminations website:

    In The Next Billion, students try to predict when we will surpass 8 billion. Throughout the lesson, students discuss the reliability of their predictions, compare them to past trends and discuss social factors that affect population growth.